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This AMSN seminar focused on the developing a model between allied and general practitioners in the management of Chronic Pain.

Drawing on the latest research across a broad range of professions we investigated and reviewed the patho-physiology of chronic pain and then developed a multidisciplinary framework that achieved the best outcomes.

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Lecture Notes

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Chris Hayes

Dr Chris Hayes: Chronic Pain Specialist

Understanding Pain_Jun 2014 Chris hayes

Primary care tool box 2014 chris Hayes







Tessa Marshal

Mrs Tessa Marshal: Psychologist and Psychotherapists

Chronic Pain and Mental Health Tessa marshal with Notes

Notes from Chronic Pain _Tessa Marshall









garry egger

Professor Gary Eggar: Epidemiologist and Chronic Disease specialist

Chronic Pain and Chronic Disease BB 2014 Gary Eggar





Research Presentations

Mental health and foot pain paul Butterworth

Working with people with chronic pain shelly barlow

Spinal manipulation and chronic Pain-peter tuchin


Other Additional Resources

Orebro 10 Question short version as used by Dr Chris Hayes:   Short_Form_Orebro

DASS Depression anxiety and stress scale can be downloaded from the link below