If you would like to joint the professional network of the AMSN please fill out the form below and your details will be added to the list on our professional members page. This is a professional referral network designed for practitioners rather than for the public. Its worth taking the time to fill out as much as detail as you would like your fellow allied and medical health professionals to know.

You can choose if you would like your details to be public or private.

Please feel free to add your areas of clinical interest or research in the Biography section below and do take the time upload your picture or clinic logo.

We do have to moderate and approve the membership applications so it may be up to a few days before your details appear below. You are still able to claim a members discount on upcoming AMSN seminars and workshops when you application is pending.

Don’t forget to double check you have entered a valid email address (you can still set it private if you wish) so the AMSN is able to let you know of the results of your application.

Please be aware that incomplete applications may be not be approved.

Please also take the time to indicate which of your details you would like private or public. We have had to make all emails private as some companies where spamming our members.


AMSN Membership Application Form


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