This page contains the step by step instructions to be able to edit or upload content of an AMSN event.


Step 1.

Navigate your web browser to

Your user name and password details have already been emailed to you.

Note that once you have entered the details you also need to solve a 3 number puzzle by clicking on the requested number in the correct order.

Step 2.

Navigate the admin dashboard. Near the base of the menu you can see an Event Espresso heading. Event Espresso is the name of the plugin software that allows the AMSN to create and edit events as well as handle the online enrollments. You can only change the event descriptions via  event esspresso.

Click on the event esspresso heading and then select events at the top of the menu.

select ee


Step 3.

You will need select the event you wish to edit from the list of events. You may even have to navigate to page 2 at the bast of the scree. To edit the event to hover you mouse over the event description. Just below a few menu’s pop and one of the will be the edit event option. ( The edit option will appear where the red circle is ).

edit event


Step 4.

Once your in to the event edit option we recommend the following setup.

its best to be editing the event on one tab of your web browser and viewing how it appears on a new tab in your browser.

To complete this step you need to right click on the view event button at the top of the event and select the open in a new tab option on your web browser.

view event


Step 5

Editing an event description is much like using microsoft word. You don’t need to understand the HTLM code as you can use the visual editor and wordpress will do the hard work for you to code the text as you wish to it appear.

Important: Changes you make are only saved when you hit the update button. We suggest you do so often as you progress and view how the changes you have made look on the 2nd browser tab you opened previously.



If you wish to get creative you can also add images or even video by clicking on the Add media button to add it to the page. Just follow the prompts to upload your chose image from your computer or you can also insert from the the existing library of AMSN images.



add media



Have fun and dont forget to the update the changes !