The AMSN ran this even in Feb 2015

Detailed Furano 2015 Itinary




 Important update: As on the 11/12//2014 we have sold out of the group tour travel option. It will still be possible to enroll in the CPD activity but we regret that the AMSN will not be able to provide any group booking support for the Tokyo stopover or the Sapporo snow festival side trip or the Furano hotel itself.

Links however links to the hotels are shown at the base of the page and we have also provided a detailed itinerary that the group will be traveling with that should allow you confidently book your own trip but room availability may be an issue.

Please ring Brent from the AMSN on 0400993641 or email us at before you purchase a ticket to discuss the latest situation.


Our Feb 2015 Eduventure will be held at the New Furano Prince Hotel in the ski resort town of Furano located in Hokkaido, the North Island of Japan.

The CPD activity will run from Monday the 2nd of February to Thursday the 5th of February over 4 afternoons allowing you to spend some quality time with your family and friends skiing the slopes so you can combine your professional development with some much deserved rest and relaxation.

The Ski resort at Furano has formed an enviable reputation as having the world’s most reliable high quality powder snow but unlike its big brother Niseko does not suffer the problem with large western crowds and high prices.


As an added bonus we have also timed this event to co-inside with the Sapporo Snow festival on the weekend after where the main streets of Hokkaido’s capital city is transformed into massive snow sculptures that just take your breath away.

snow festival

Whilst this is obviously a good opportunity to have a tax friendly trip overseas we are also really excited about the quality and clinical relevance of our CPD line up on this trip.

The current speaker line up for our EduVenture CPD activity stands as

Mark Latimer

MarkMark has been a physiotherapist for over 26 years and an APA Sports Physiotherapist with experience at three Commonwealth Games and one

Olympic Games. Mark has dedicated a large chunk of his professional career to understanding TMJ dysfunction and treatment.

“TMJ clicks: their cause, effect and elimination – from a physical perspective.”

– TMJ dysfunction such as clicking, can be fixed if you know what creates them.

– Learn TMJ anatomy – from a functional perspective.

– Understand how pathology influences joint biomechanics to create clicking bruxing and locking.

– How to formulate a differential diagnosis using specific assessment tools.

– Learn simple assessment techniques to assist with pathology recognition.


Tessa Marshall

Tessa MarshalTessa is a practicing Psychologist and Psychotherapists and has an active interest in some of the psychological issues arising in musculoskeletal practice.

” Psycho-social factors in patients presenting for musculoskeletal care ”

·       Understanding the link between musculoskeletal issues and psychosocial factors

– Understanding the symptoms and signs of mental health issues that may impact patient recovery
– Learn about depression, anxiety and stress and how they can influence the outcome of your patients’ care

– Common treatments for depression, anxiety and stress

– What you can do to help your patient’s mental as well as physical state

– How to raise emotional well being and mind body discussions with your patients without them thinking your saying they are crazy

– When and how to refer to mental health practitioners and how to raise the suggestion with patients and their loved ones

– Resources for both practitioners and patients to use
– When to refuse treatment and how to phrase this




Phil Walsh ( Physio )

phil walsh



Phil Walsh is practicing Physiotherapist and an assistant Professor of Physiotherapy at Bond University.

“ Using lessons from high performance skiing programmes to inform clinical practice and research “

-Outline of high performance structure

–  Technical tactical  Balance, training drills for improving it, movement analysis, using microsoft kinect and nintendo wii
– Physical conditioning

– Psychology/neuroscience

-Equipment;   How skis work, Assessing equipment needs needs, innovation

-Medical;     Assessment and diagnosis, early referral

-Nutrition;   Profiles for high performance, using these profiles for disease populations

-Ethics;     Team selection and values, When it goes wrong!


Dr Peter Tuchin

peter tuchin2




Dr Tuchin is one an Associate Professor and the Chiropractic department of Macquaire University and accredit WorkCover assessor.

” A review of medico-legal issues in relation to musculoskeletal private practice “


– The common mistakes do allied health practitioners make in relation to handling medico-legal issues and how to avoid them.

– What clinical incidences have been reported to insurance companies the most over 2013 and what can we learn from them to increase patient safety.

– What should be included in informed consent ?

– What happens if you receive a “Statement of Claim” ?

– Dr Tuchin will provide a practical toolbox for handling medico-legal issues correctly for both the patients and the practitioners benefit.

Dr Henry Pollard

henry pollard



Dr Henry Pollard is a sports and Chiropractor and probably Austalia’s most published Chiropractic research academic.

“ Acute/ Chronic pain management in the 3rd party System “

How to take the work out of workcover and deal effectively with 3rd party payers for injury claims.


–          Reviewing the bio-social model

–          Psychology and pain

–          What are the best outcome measurement tools to use

–          Communicating with claims officers effectively

–          How to deal with Chronic pain “ long tail “ cases.

So whats the plan ?



The current itinerary at the moment is that we all fly out of the gold coast airport as a group on Saturday morning the 31st of January 2015 via Jetstar or you could also meet us northern folk in Tokyo (Narita airport) if you wish to fly direct from Sydney.

We stay the Saturday night in Tokyo and then fly out to arrive in Sapporo and then get a bus transfer  to the New Prince hotel where we can check in and unwind on the Sunday the 1st of Feb.

On Monday through to Thursday the 5th of Feb we ski in the daytime and then do the CPD activities over the late afternoon and follow it all down with some great Japanese meals and then a soak in one of Hokkaido’s best Onsens ( Japanese volvanic hotubs).


The following weekend we complete the trip with a visit to the Sapporo Snow festival where the entire capital city is transformed into snow and Ice sculptures where the Japanese party in a way that has to be seen to be believed.

From here we can fly back to Tokyo on Sunday the 8th of Feb, and then fly out Sunday evening to arrive in the gold coast by Monday the 9th of Feb. Or  for the more powder hungry of us you could part company on Saturday in the 7th in Sapporo city and tack on a trip to the massive mountains of Niseko.



sapporo-micky snow festival

Please note: What you are purchasing from the AMSN is the CPD activity at the New Furano hotel From Monday to Thursday the 5th Feb . This is not a group tour ! If your not confident with independant travel book a Conteki tour.

Whilst we will try our best to co-ordinate group travel and suggest some options you are responsible for making sure your accommodation choices and transfers suits your needs and budget. Travel in a non-English speaking country never quite goes to plan so bring your sense of humor.

It could just be you that misses that connecting flight due to the wonder of the fried chicken or used underwear vending machines or perhaps its your internal cavity that the customs officers takes a special interest in. It may not be practical to hold up an entire group. Be prepared to travel independently if the need Arises.


Day By Day Suggested Itinerary

Saturday the 31st jan:

Fly out of Gold coast on Jetstar JQ11

10:50 AMGold Coast 18:55 PMTokyo (Narita) Direct flight9hrs5mins Dreamliner
Stay at an airport hotel near the Tokyo Airport ( Tokyo Narita ) for approx $65 pp  on the Saturday evening and meet up with other guests arriving from a different destination
This stop over must now be booked through Akeri from Pitt Travel.
Sunday 1st feb:
Fly a domestic airline from Narita from New Chitose Airport and check into the New Furano Prince Hotel.
Jetstar Japan is now offering domestic flights substantially cheaper than other Japanese airlines.
If you want to travel with the group we will be traveling on Jetstar flight Gk-105 which departs Narita airport at 9:55 and arrives at Sapporo at 11:40 am. (1 hour 45 min travel time)
As of the 28/08/2014 this flight can be purchased for 6,290 yen which is about $65. Bargain !
The preliminary bus schedule from New Chitose Airport is as follows
<New Chitose Airport to Furano>
Depart New Chitose Airport: 9:30am, 10:50am, 12:00pm, 14:00pm,15:50pm
Arrive New Furano Prince: 11:45am, 13:05pm, 14:15pm, 16:25pm, 18:15pm
If you wish to travel with the group we will be on the 2pm bus from New Chitose Airport that arrives at the hotel at 4:25 pm. If your booking the Eduventure deal through Pitt Travel you will have already paid for and have this ticket booked for you on your behalf.
Monday the 2nd Feb through to Thursday the 5th Feb:

We will hold our conference in the afternoons and ski the new Furano resort over the daytime.

Friday the 6th of Feb:

Spend one final day on the slopes of Furano and then

Get a Bus Transfer from the New Furano hotel and then arrive at Sapporo Station.

Currently the bus leaves the hotel at 4:45pm so that gives you 1 last day on the slopes if the conditions are good. The group will be traveling on this 4:45 bus.

Depart New Furano Prince Hotel: 16:45pm
Arrive Sapporo city: 19:30pm~20:00pm
(Drop off will be at Century Royal Hotel, Sapporo ANA Hotel, Sapporo Prince Hotel Tower, Sapporo Tokyu Inn, Art Hotels Sapporo)

Alternatively you if you wish to get to Sapporo city earlier than this or fly back to Australia earlier than the group the  preliminary bus schedule to new chitose airport is below. Its approximately $10 dollars and a 40 minute express train from New Chitose Airport to Sapporo City.
Furano to New Chitose Airport
Depart New Furano Prince: 8:10am, 9:40am, 11:40pm, 13:40pm,15:40pm
Arrive New Chitose Airport: 10:30am, 12:00pm, 14:00pm, 16:00pm, 18:00pm

 art hotel

We have booked 14 rooms twin share at the Art Hotel on the Friday and Saturday evening for approximately $160 pp per night ( twin share) that also includes breakfast. You can pay the hotel directly on the day.  Be aware that the snow festival is an international event so if you wish to make any alternative accommodation please book well in advance in 2014.

art hotel courtyard

Art Hotel can be found on Google maps here. If you indicate that you wish to travel with the group when you enroll we will en devour to book this on your behalf but due the popularity of the snow festival we can’t guarantee that this will be possible. We will contact you ASAP after your booking to confirm that everything is in order.



Saturday the 7th of Feb:
Spend an extra night a the same hotel and enjoy the Sapporo nightlife or fly back to Tokyo on the Saturday and take the stress out of the return journey. For those that wish to take on a trip to Neisoko this would be a good day to part company with the rest of the group.
As of the 28/08/2014 this flight can be be purchased for 23,690 yen ( approx $244 Aussie dollars ) .
This flight time will be absolute peak demand so its best to book this as soon as possible. The Sapporro snow festival ends this weekend and is a international event.
Sunday the 8th of Feb:
If you wish to travel home as a group we will be flying on on the Jetstar domestic from Sapporro to Tokyo on Sunday the 8th of Feb flight number Gk-106 leaving Sapporro 13:45 pm and arriving Tokyo 15:30 pm. Do not delay in Booking this flight as it will sell out early.
 Catch JQ12 from Tokyo Narita To arrive early Monday the 9th of Feb at the gold coast.
20:25 PMTokyo (Narita) 6:25 AM (+1) Gold Coast Direct flight9hrs0mins Dreamliner


 So how much will it cost ?

costThe answer is cheap !

The seminar will be priced at $565 and thanks to Akeri at Pitt-Travel and   The AMSN has negotiated an amazing deal that will leave you wondering why you ever bother to ski Australia again.

For approximately $865 ( twin share) you can get 5 nights accommodation right on the slopes at the New Prince Furano hotel,  and a bus transfer from the new Chitose Airport in Hokkaido. That’s an amazing deal that is available only for guests of the 2015 EduVenture. Lift passes where thrown in for our early bird enrollments but now that they will set up back only an extra $100.

Want more ?… Ok let’s add in bacon. That’s right that price also includes an all you can eat Buffett breakfast and nightly tickets to the volvanic hot-tubes (onsen spas)

All you need to cover after that is the Jetstar flights to and from Japan (Approximately $480 each way or less if on special) domestic transfers to Hokkaido and some extra traveling and beer money. Don’t forget that this travel cost will also be tax deductible as part of your CDP travel costs.

lFurano EduVenture will be available for purchase from 5pm Sunday the 10th of August.

To keep abreast of further developments makes sure your on our AMSN mailing list and our Furano EduVenture  facebook page.

For more information on travel and accommodation options talk to Akeri (details below)

Akeri Yasuda

AWL Pitt Australia Pty.Ltd
T/A Pitt Travel (Travel Agent) & Japan Package(Japan Travel Wholesaler)
Level 2, Inside of Kinokuniya Book Store, The Galeries Victoria
500 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Ph:  +61 (02) 9267 0010
Fax: +61 (02) 9264 8223


Ok I’m in ! What do I do from here ?

geeky skiers


Step 1: Navigate to the the Furano EduVenture Sign up form on the AMSN wesbsite and purchase your seminar ticket.

A detailed email with step by step instructions for booking flights etc will be sent to you upon successful enrollment.

There are few options we have for pre-booked accommodation at the transfer points in Narita airport on Sat the 31st Jan and Sapporro city Friday 6th Feb and Sat 7th for those wishing to travel as group.

We have negotiated a twin share package at the an  please indicate if you would like us to confirm this booking for you on your behalf or click the box to indicate that you will be making your arrangements. This fee can be paid at the hotel at time of checkin.

We have pre-booked 16 rooms at the Art hotel Sapporo for  a discount rate of about $160 dollars per person per night (twin share) on Friday the 6th and Sat 7th of Feb in Sapporro city after we check out of the Furano resort to see the snow festival. This price also includes a buffet breakfast. Again please indicate on enrollment if you would like to travel with the group and take this option or click to no to make your own travel arrangements.

Step 2: Send an Email to Akeri at Pitt Travel at advising her of your Eduventure enrollment. Once you have sent the email give Akeri a phone call and discuss your accomdation needs on +61 (02) 9267 0010 and ask for the AMSN EduVenture travel package. That will allow you to be eligible for our exclusive discount pricing to get 5 nights accommodation (twin share), Free breakfast, 4 days lift pass at the Furano resort, Spa ticket and Bus transfers from New Chitose airport.

Step 3: Sign up the AMSN’s furano Facbook page as going attendee. We will post further developments as they occur on this page as well as provide regular email updates as some as further infomation comes online.

Step 4: Log onto Jetstar Australia and purchase your flight from Gold Coast to Narita Airport. Obviously you can decide to make your own travel itinerary but if you wish to travel with the group we will all try and get onto flight Jetstar JQ11 that leaves the Gold Coast at 10:50am and arrives at Tokyo Narita at 18:55pm.

Step 5: It will be necessary to purchase return domestic fares to get from Tokyo to the new Chitose airport in Sapporo. If you wish to be traveling as a group we will be on flights

Sunday the 1st of Feb: Tokyo to Sapporo Jetstar flight Gk-105 which departs Narita airport at 9:55 and arrives at Sapporo at 11:40 am. (1 hour 45 min travel time)

Sunday the 8th of Feb: Sapporo to Tokyo: Gk-106 leaving Sapporro 13:45pm and arriving Tokyo 15:30 pm


Step 6: Purchase some quality travel insurance !. Snow sports are a high risk activity and the last thing you need is a medical emergency overseas. There is a great website that compares mulitple travel insurances. Compare Travel Insurance

Step 7: Check this blog page regularly and stay in touch via our event facebook page as plans evolve and travel options/ timetables tighten up in the coming few months.



 Q) Do I need a visa to travel to Japan ?

A) Not usually.  Australians and New Zealanders do not need to apply for a visa and can travel up to 90 days. For any duration longer than 90 days or if you are not Australian citizen, you need to contact the Japanese Embassy/Consulate. for further information or clarification see the Japanese Embassy information page


Q) Do I have to book my accommodation and lift tickets through Akeri at Pitt Travel ?

Not at all. We have spent months getting the best deal organized for the Furano Eduventure and the AMSN receives no benefits from Pitt Travel we just negotiated a great group rate that we all pay. We would ask that slip as a quick email letting us know your plans so we dont stress that we missed informing you. If you would like to go it alone you can find the english version of the New Furano Hotel website.

Q) Do I have to stick to the Itinerary ?

Not at all. This is not a group tour and your welcome to make any changes you like to your travel options. Akeri will happy to try to tailor a trip that meets your needs. Hell If we had more time we would definitely hit up some of the larger resorts whilst traveling over there.


Q) The north island of Japan is so far away. What makes it worth the trip ?

Furano Ski Area, located in the heart of Central Hokkaido, is a world class ski resort that has hosted 10 FIS World Cup ski events and 2 FIS World Cup Snowboard events. In addition to these fantastic credentials Furano receives on average 8m of some of the lightest and driest powder snow in the world, as well as being known for its clear blue sky days. For more information on the resort you can check out the english version of the Furano Ski resort page


Q) Any other tips for traveling in Japan ?

Bring plenty of warm clothes. Furano can be -12 degrees !

Get online and download some Japanese language apps for your phone or Ipad. Being able to say please and thank you in any country you travel in always goes down well


Q) Can my partner still get the EduVenture Pricing from Pitt travel if they do not purchase a seminar ticket ?

Yep. No worries.

UPDATE 12/08/2014: We have now made an option for non seminar attendee partners or travel companions that wish to travel as a group to be able to register their interest for free on the seminar enrollment page.

Q) I know this guy Dave. He wants to come too just to get the special deal on accommodation and lift tickets but is not a practitioner. Is this ok ?

Mmmm your pushing it. Should be ok unless this goes completely viral in which case we may have to give preference to remaining places to Seminar attendees only. Just make sure Dave is a great guy.  P.S. They owe Brent a beer for being their unpaid travel agent too.

We would also ask that they be respectful of the CPD activity that is undertaken in the afternoon and not try to persuade you to miss it in order to shred more powder.

UPDATE 12/08/2014: We have now made an option for non seminar attendee partners or travel companions that wish to travel as a group to be able to register their interest for free on the seminar enrollment page. We reserve the right to discontinue this support if this event gets too big (existing enrollments will be not be affected)


Q) I want to be able to make my friends back home as jealous as possible and show my ex that my life is now more exciting without them. This will require wi-fi and phone chargers. What is the voltage in Japan ?

Japan runs on 110 volts with the plug configuration shown below

power plug

You can buy a travel adapter at the gold coast airport. This will convert the plug but not the voltage. Most chargers and laptops can handle the lower voltage but double check. When in doubt try your roommates first.


Q) What is the Cancelation Policy for the Furano EduVenture ?

AMSN will return your seminar fee in full provided cancellation is made before Nov 31st 2014. After this date a 20% administration surcharge applies to your refund. Please check with your booked accommodation and chosen travel agent for their cancellation policies.

Q) What is the time zone differences between Australia and Japan ?

Japan is 1 hour behind Eastern Standard Time As Japan is pretty much straight north there is little time Zone Change. This can ease the jet lag caused from international travel.

Q) What about Ski gear hire ?

The new Furano Hotel has very cheap ski hire and there are also other options at the lift gateway and a few options in the Furano town Centre. Be prepared to convey your shoe size and favorite snow board shape in interpretive dance.


 Q) How do you apply to speak at an AMSN EduVenture ?

If your areas of expertise is clinically relevant for AHPRA registered MS therapists, evidence based and ideally Peer reviewed Send us an email at and we will consider your proposal for our 2015 Eduventure line up. We have plenty of amazing events in the pipeline.

 Empty boardAs updates are made and the plans firm up we will post new information here. Please check this space regularly before you email us asking how many socks to pack

28/08/2014-  Internal flights from Tokyo to Sapporo can now be booked online at Jetstar. See the updates in the above flight itinerary for flight numbers and times. Do not leave this decision too long ! the flights will book out over this busy festival period.

03/09/2014- Bus Transfer timetables for the transfers from new chitose airport and the Furano hotel have now been made available and put on the detailed itinerary shown above.

08/10/2014- The 2 night stay in Saporro city was changed to the Art hotel from the northgate due to a problem with room availability and the possibility of a better venue.

20/11/2014- Akeri from Pitt travel is now handing the booking for the Tokyo 31st overnight stop. If you have not done so please contact her to arrange payment.




 Some Helpful Links

New Furano Prince Hotel

Sapporro Snow Festival English Website

Tokyo Inn Narita

Art Hotel Saporro

Furano Ski resort page





Register for this event by clicking the link below after 6pm Sunday the 10th of August

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