Frans Bosch: Dynamic Systems Rehabilitation

  • December 6, 2016
    18:00 - 21:00


Frans Bosch is the author of perhaps the most significant recent publication in the field of physical preparation for sports (Strength Training & Coordination – An Integrative Approach). Whilst being critical of some historic practises in athletic development and rehabilitation, he offers a way forward in understanding transfer of training through the better integration of motor learning principles. Bosch’s unique methods transcend the boundaries of the health professions in sport, and his results in performance and injury prevention speak for themselves.

This seminar will provide theory and practical knowledge for rehabilitating acute sporting injuries. It is appropriate for any level of injury professional or those interested in physical preparation of athletes.

Seminar Topics Include:

  • Dynamic (non-linear) Systems vs. Linear mechanical progression from low to high intensity movement for rehabilitation/stability
  • Introduction to the ‘Single Stressor Strategy’ for rehab progressions
  • Phases/ Progressions of self-organization of injury rehabilitation – challenging the norm
  • Injury protocol examples/case scenarios
  • Practical demonstrations – Motor Learning Theory based exercise prescription

About Frans Bosch


Frans Bosch (1954) earned a degree in PE in 1977. Since 1980 Bosch worked in athletics, coaching elite sprinters and Olympic high jumpers and for some years as the national coach for jumping events.

Since 2005 Bosch is lecturer at the Fontys University for applied sciences in sports, mainly in the field of anatomy, biomechanics, strength training and motor learning.

Bosch has given numerous presentations all over the world on training related topics. Presentations address the complexity of the training process and the need to integrate new fields of science like dynamic systems and new ideas on motor control in existing training theory.

Bosch frequently works internationally as a consultant in sport. Clients in recent years are the English Institute of Sports, Wales National Team Rugby, the British & Irish Lions, Japan National Team Rugby, England cricket, West ham United football, Cleveland Brown American Football and others.

Together with Ronald Klomp he wrote ‘Running, biomechanics and exercise physiology applied in practice”, published in the Netherlands in 2001 and translated in English in 2005.

‘Strength training and coordination, an integrated approach’ was published in English in 2015. It has created enormous interest in the industry and is truly a revolutionary work.

Links & references

The Book

‘Strength training and coordination, an integrated approach’

Discussion / reviews of the book

Recent Publication

Influence of Muscle Slack on High-Intensity Sport Performance

(Van Hooren & Bosch, 2016)

Seminar Details & Information

Date Tuesday, 6th December, 2016

Seminar Time 6pm-9pm

Venue TAG Foundation Grandstand Building

Sydney University

B23 Regimental Drive

Camperdown, NSW 2050

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B23 Regimental Drive Camperdown, NSW 2050