Expressions of interest for our 2018 AMSN Japan Eduventure Rusutsu resort.

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  • Expression of interest for our AMSN 2018 eduventure
    February 5, 2018 - February 8, 2018
    15:00 - 17:00

The AMSN is now taking expressions of interest for our 2018 Eduventure to Japan.

It’s an extremely complex and time to consuming to organise these trips and so we don’t ever have to cancel an overseas seminar trip we need to know that there is sufficient interest to be before we push on.

This is basically a 3 step process

  1. We will run this expression of interest campaign. If we can get enough interest we move to step 2
  2. We will have final details and prices available and ask for a small deposit by the end of the June. If we don’t end up running this is fully refundable
  3. By about mid July we should be a position to confirm another spectacular event in Feb 2018.


So if you are more than 50% sure you will be attending Please fill out the your details by clicking the enrolment icon above. At this stage this is a no obligation step but we would ask that you be confident of your interest so we can get some honest feedback to work with.


So whats the plan ?

The suggested itinerary is that we all fly out of the Gold Coast Airport as a group on Friday morning the 2nd February 2018 via Jetstar or you could also meet us Northern folk in Tokyo (Narita airport) if you wish to fly direct from Sydney or Melbourne.

We stay the Friday night in Tokyo and then get a head to Sapporo and most likely the resort on Saturday or spend a night in the susukino area of Sapporo and soak up some serious party culture. We will then transfer to the Rusutsu resort on Sunday and be ready to start the CPD activity on Monday the 5th of Feb.

From Monday to Thursday we ski in the daytime and then do the CPD activities from the late afternoon and follow it up with some great Japanese meals and then a soak in the volcanic onsens  ( Japanese volcanic hot tubs).

From here we head back to Tokyo on Friday the 9th of Feb then fly out Friday evening to arrive in the Gold Coast by Saturday the 10th giving you some recovery time before you return to clinic. Or for the more powder hungry of us you could part company on Friday and then take on some extra travel of your own with the mighty Nesiko resort just up the road and the 2018 Sapporo snow festival also on over this time.

Please note: What you are purchasing from the AMSN is the CPD activity.

Whilst the AMSN strives to help you as much as we can your accommodation and travel choices are you own and this is not a group tour ! Please be confident with independent travel. Travel in a non-English speaking country never quite goes to plan so bring your sense of humor and some chocolate.


The CPD activity 

We are currently in negotiation with Dr Tim loth Raven and some possibly some local Aussie academics as well.

Tim Lothe Raven was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. He studied chiropractic at Phillip Institute of Technology (now RMIT University) and started working as a chiropractor December 1988.

Whilst living in England, he started a post graduate masters in clinical chiropractic at AECC. It was all about biopsychosocial and very much ahead of its time. Craig Liebensen was the external coordinator.

As happens during studying, he met a very nice Norwegian woman and moved to Norway in 1999. They both completed their MSc’s, attended the Prague School with Janda and Lewit and helped Craig run some functional rehab classes in Norway and the Netherlands.

In 2004, Tim and his wife, along with an anaesthesiologist with a PhD in neurophysiology started a project looking at the physiology of the motoneurons to the lumbar multifidus in pain free and LBP patients and the effect of manipulation on these nerves. (formed the basis of his wife’s PhD). They later received a large grant from the Norwegian Research Council to run a similar project looking at motoneurons to the cervical mutifidus in healthy and neck pain patients.

From January 2008 until the present Tim has been a member of the European Council on Chiropractic Education, where he sat on the Executive committee for 7 of those years, four of which as President.

From 2009 to 2012 he was a representative for the Norwegian Chiropractors’ Association to CEN – The European Committee for Standardisation, which is a multinational group tasked to write a Standards document for the delivery of healthcare by chiropractors in Europe. The document was published by CEN in 2012.

In 2011 Tim was awarded Chiropractor of the Year by the NCA.

Tim is blessed to have 3 children with his wife Lise who is Dean of the European Academy of Chiropractic.  Together they run 2 multidisciplinary practices on the south coast of Norway. Tim enjoy skiing, cycling, kayaking and, of course, travel.

Further information about the topics will be updated shortly.

So what does my enrollment provide ?

As per last year the AMSN has split the price of the CPD activity from the travel and accommodation package (which should you chose to use it has been provided by Pitt Travel)

Your purchase of the above ticket from the AMSN will provide you with

* Enrollment in the CPD activity for this event and the issue of a certificate on completion.

* Access for you and your spouse for our very special eduventure pricing that has been negotiated with Pitt Travel.

* Use of the conference room over time in the afternoons.

* Ability to join the group on this amazing adventure and the optional networking and side trips.

We are currently finalising the price of our CPD activity and hope to have updated pricing by late May.

 So how much will it cost ?

costThe answer is cheap !

The AMSN has negotiated an amazing deal on behalf of our members through Pitt travel  that will leave you wondering why you ever bother to ski Australia again.

The Travel and Accommodation package provided by Pitt Travel includes

* 1 night accommodation at a Narita airport hotel with breakfast.

* 4 nights accommodation at the Rusutsu Resort

* Daily hot breakfast

* 4 days skit lift pass

* Unlimited use of the hotel’s volcanic onsen spa

The price for the twin share option for this package will be around $1500 . The price for the single traveler will be just under 2k.

We hope to be able to provide tight pricing by late May.

All you need to cover after that is the Jetstar flights to and from Japan, ski hire and some extra traveling and spending money.

To keep abreast of further developments makes sure your on our AMSN mailing list and our events facebook page.



Those folk that came on our 2015 and 201 trips need no explanation of how much fun can be had for the rest of our members here are some short videos we made of our previous trips.




 Q) Do I need a visa to travel to Japan ?

A) Not usually.  Australians and New Zealanders do not need to apply for a visa and can travel up to 90 days. For any duration longer than 90 days or if you are not Australian citizen, you need to contact the Japanese Embassy/Consulate. For further information or clarification see the Japanese Embassy information page.

Q) Do I have to book my accommodation and lift tickets through Daisuke at Pitt Travel ?

Not at all. However we have spent months getting the best deal organized for our Japan EduVenture and these prices are spectacular value for money. Should you wish to go it alone we would ask that slip as a quick email letting us know your plans so we don’t stress that we missed informing you of any changes. You will also have to arrange your own transport there.

Q) Do I have to stick to the Itinerary ?

Not at all. This is not a group tour and you are welcome to make any changes you like to your travel options. Daisuke will happy to try to tailor a trip that meets your needs. If we had more time we would definitely hit up some of the larger resorts whilst traveling over there. You must sign in on all days and actively contribute to the CPD program to be awarded your certificate.

Q) Any other tips for traveling in Japan ?

Bring plenty of warm clothes. The resorts can typically be down to -12 degrees!

Get online and download some Japanese language apps for your phone or Ipad. Being able to say please and thank you in any country you travel in always goes down well

Q) Can my partner still get the EduVenture Pricing from Pitt travel if they do not purchase a seminar ticket ?

Yes although at this stage we are limiting this accommodation deal only to those that are attending the CPD seminar and their families. Should we still have some spaces free around October we may be able to consider revising this policy so Dave down the road can also make it.

Q) I want to be able to make my friends back home as jealous as possible and show my ex that my life is now more exciting without them. This will require wi-fi and phone chargers. What is the voltage in Japan ?

Japan runs on 110 volts with the plug configuration shown below

power plug

You can buy a travel adapter at Gold Coast airport. This will convert the plug but not the voltage. Most chargers and laptops can handle the lower voltage but double check. When in doubt try your roommates first.

Q) What is the Cancellation Policy for the 2018 Japan EduVenture ?

AMSN will return your seminar fee in full provided cancellation is made before Nov 31st 2017. After this date a 20% administration surcharge applies to your refund. Please check with your booked accommodation and chosen travel agent for their cancellation policies.

Q) What is the time zone differences between Australia and Japan ?

Japan is 1 hour behind Eastern Standard Time As Japan is pretty much straight north there is little time Zone Change. This can ease the jet lag caused from international travel.

Q) What about Ski gear hire ?

The hotel has very cheap ski hire and there are also other options at the lift gateway. Be prepared to convey your shoe size and favourite snow board shape in interpretive dance.


 Empty boardAs updates are made and the plans firm up we will post new information here. Please check this space regularly before you email us asking how many socks to pack

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