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The Australian Musculoskeletal Network’s (AMSN’s) Industry Reference Committee (IRC) ensures that CPD material meets the requirements of each individual profession.

To be a member of the IRC an individual must be a recognized leader in their field of practice.  The IRC member will have an excellent knowledge of the current state of research and practice relevant to their profession.

In first instance the IRC member ship will be nominated by the Directors of AMSN and serve for a term of 2 years.  Subsequent members will be appointed through an expression of interest process and independent selection committee made up of serving IRC members for a period not exceeding 2 years.

The AMSN undertakes a commitment to public transparency on the review process. Each member of the AMSN’s IRC will be compensated for their time spent on AMSN business.

IRC members will undertake a commitment to declare any conflict of interest in the review process and remove themselves from the process when necessary.

The IRC will have a rotating chair and secretarial support supplied by AMSN.  Decisions to support decline or recommend changes to an AMSN CPD activity will be made by majority voting with the Chair able to issue a deciding vote in the case of a drawn vote.

The IRC will meet at least once per year and then as often as required.

The IRC will use the following guidelines in their approval process:

Australian Musculo-Skeletal Network (AMSN) Continuing Professional Development Standards Framework

The AMSN is a multi-discipline health professional network that aims to provide continuing professional development and networking opportunities for its members and non-members who are engaged in relevant health professions. The AMSN CPD Standards Framework has therefore been developed from a synthesis of all relevant APHRA approved Health Practitioner Boards as of 1 January 2014.

To qualify for inclusion on the AMSN CPD calendar a CPD activity must be measured by a majority of the IRC to have met all criteria of the AMSN CPD Standards Framework.

The AMSN CPD Standards Framework is as follows:

Standard 1

The Presenter: Material is presented by a suitably qualified and respected individual.

1.1 The individual holds formal qualifications relevant to their field of teaching.

1.2 The individual has relevant clinic experience in their field (unless not applicable in the event of research presentations)

1.3 The individual has relevant teaching experience in their field of expertise.

1.4 The individual is a good moral standing.

1.5 The event is to be delivered in a professional manner

1.6 Any conflict of interest has been declared by the individual and none can be deduced from the available material.


Standard 2

Content: The content meets the CPD needs of the professions.

2.1 The title aim and expected outcomes of the activity are congruent with and relevant to the specific content area

2.2 The aims, content and expected outcomes of the activity reflect accepted standards

2.3 The material, including assessments,  is of an appropriate standard of difficulty: at or above Level 7 as measured by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) in most cases.

2.4 The material is clinically relevant to the professions scope of practice or expected knowledge base.

2.6 The material is contemporary and includes current references.

2.7 Online material and resources must comply with the AMSN Online Learning and Design Standard. (yet to be released)


Standard 3

Content Delivery: Content is delivered in an appropriate way

3.1 The content is delivered in an appropriate format.

3.2  The content provides a process for critical analysis of material.

3.3 The content provides contact details should further clarification on an issues be required.

3.4 Online material and resources must comply with the AMSN Online Learning and Design Standard. (yet to be released)


Standard 4 

The Venue: When a venue is used the venue is appropriate and safe

4.1. The venue meets recognized occupational health and safety legislation and regulations

4.2    The venue is appropriate to the educational need

4.3    The venue is of a professional standard and adequate public liability insurances are in place.


AMSN IRC Appeals Process
If applicants believe that IRC have made an incorrect decision in assessing their application against the AMSN Standards then an appeal can be submitted addressing the standard/s that the applicant believes should be reviewed.  The Appeals sub-committee of the AMSN IRC will be made up of the presiding Chair, one other IRC member and an independent, practitioner referee, as identified by the applicant and who meets the IRC membership standards as identified above. Appeals decisions will be made by majority vote with the Chair having a casting vote if required.

Standards Review

These AMSN standards will be reviewed every 2 years

Communication about these  AMSN Standards are welcome ad should be directed to