academic framework


The Australian Musculoskeletal Network’s (AMSN’s ) Industry Reference Group is our way of ensuring our CPD material meets the requirements of each individual profession.

To represent a profession on the academic review committee an individual must be a recognized leading academic in their relevant field that has an excellent knowledge of the current state of research and practice relevant to their profession. Each member of the AMSN’s academic committee is paid for their review regardless of if they approve or disapprove of a suggested CPD activity to avoid any decision bias. The AMSN undertakes a commitment to public transparency on the review process.

Our Academic members also undertake a commitment to declare any conflict of interest in their review process. Should a  member be involved directly in an event this will be declared and another academic nominated to review that particular segment.

When CPD material is presented to the AMSN it is reviewed by our academic committee to see if it meets the  requirements for CPD for your profession that would count as formal learning points when you submit your yearly CPD activity to AHPRA.

The framework that each academic uses to access the suitability of CPD material is listed below and constitutes the academic framework that is applied to review course material.

Academic Framework


To qualify for inclusion as an AMSN CPD event it must meet ALL of the following criteria.

Standard 1

The material is presented by a suitably qualified and respected individual.

1.1 The individual holds formal qualifications relevant to their field of teaching.

1.2 The individual has relevant clinic experience in their field ( unless not applicable in the event of research presentations )

1.3 The individual has relevant teaching experience in their field of expertise.

1.4 The individual is a good moral standing.

1.5 The event is to be delivered in a professional manner

1.6 Any conflict of interest has been declared by the individual and none can be deduced from the available material.


Standard 2

Content: The content meets the CPD needs of the profession.

2.1 The title aim and expected outcomes of the activity are congruent with and relevant to the specific content area

2.2  The aims, content and expected outcomes of the activity reflect accepted standards

2.3 The material is of an appropriate standard of difficulty for relevant profession.

2.4 The material is clinically relevant to the professions scope of practice or expected knowledge base.

2.6 The material is up do date and includes current references.


Standard 3

Delivery. The individual delivers their content in an appropriate way

3.1 The individual delivers the content in an appropriate format.

3.2  The individual gives opportunity for critical analysis of their material

3.3 The individual provides contact details should further clarification on an issues be required.



In addition to the academic review committee  A CPD module must also meet the AMSN’s addition of criteria

The venue is appropriate and safe

1.1. The venue meet recognized occupational health and safety legislation and regulations

1.2    The venue is appropriate to the educational need

1.3    The venue is of a professional standard and adequate public liability insurances are in place.

1.4    Records of attendance are kept and certificates of attendance are distributed with 14 days of an event.

1.5    If examinations are required. The format, pass mark and included content have been made available before the event. and distribution of results occurs within 14 days of the event.

1.6 An appropriate appeal mechanism exists for a review or results or consideration of special circumstances.