The Australian Musculoskeletal Network


The Australian Musculoskeletal Network (AMSN) is here to provide professional development and local inter-professional networking opportunities for health practitioners involved in the clinical practice, the teaching and researching of Musculo-Skeletal care. AMSN promotes a philosophy of, and opportunities for, collaboration. Inter professional learning and evidence based practice are now considered the benchmark for practice development and in the improvement of patient outcomes in all health related professions.

While the folk at AMSN are currently building online learning opportunities we know there is real strength in a network of engaged people actually meeting face to face to learn and improve their business. Meeting the requirements for Professional Development (PD), Continual Professional Development (CPD) or Continuing Education (CE) depending on your terminology, are more important to continuing in your professional registration than ever before.


At the same time however, most professional development is resource intensive: time from practice and family, flights and accommodation as well as the cost of the PD program all add up to making compulsory PD expensive and time consuming. By providing local opportunities, especially in regional and rural areas, we aim to make our events, meaningful, accessible and affordable to local professionals as well novel and competitively priced for those traveling from afar. But AMSN events are not just about meeting requirements for registration.Our events will be truly inspiring, refreshing and relevant.


The Australian Musculoskeletal Network’s (AMSN’s ) Industry Reference Group is our way of ensuring our CPD material meets the requirements of each individual profession.

To represent a profession on the academic review committee an individual must be a recognized leading academic in their relevant field that has an excellent knowledge of the current state of research and practice relevant to their profession. Each member of the AMSN’s academic committee is paid for their review regardless of if they approve or disapprove of a suggested CPD activity to avoid any decision bias. The AMSN undertakes a commitment to public transparency on the review process.

To learn more about the academic requirements of a AMSN event please visit our academic framework page

AMSN also aims to improve the translation of research into Musculo-Skeletal practice. This will be achieved by ensuring our events and network provide a real Connection between the researchers and practitioners within a collaborative, multidisciplinary community of learners.

Become a member of the AMSN by joining our professional network for free and start connecting your practice with other Musculo-Skeletal professionals.

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