The Border to Bay Walk: Physician Heal-thy Self Eduventure 12th-15th May

  • May 12, 2016 – May 15, 2016

 The Border to Bay Walk: ‘Physician Heal-thy Self ‘ Eduventure


Video recap of our last Border to Bay Eduventure


AMSN supported by the Australasian Society for Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) – formerly the Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association (ALMA) – invite you to join us on an Eduventure , 12th-15th May 2016, that focuses on you.

Our team led by Dr Caroline West (GP) , will provide you with a tool kit for self-care and surviving your Clinician-based lifestyle.


We beach walk from NSW Border to the Byron Bay Light house (approx. 60Kms) over three days while staying at the beautiful Mantra on Salt at Kingscliff. We revisit the Lifestyle Medicine you need to practice on yourself so you are equipped to care for others.

There is no better gift to your family and patients than a healthier you. A healthy self is an essential component of good, enjoyable and sustainable practise.

Location: Mantra on Salt is a resort at Kingscliff NSW.  4.5  star accommodation – 20 minutes drive from Gold Coast airport. Mantra is on the beach with a pool and day spa.

Accommodation: Rooms approx. $150 -185 per night (includes breakfast for 2) depending on size and location.  Delegates book and pay for own accommodation and most meals. Delegates can choose to come early and or stay longer and still get group discount and tax advantages .

Once you complete the enrolment step above you will receive an email with detailed booking instructions and further information. We would suggest that you make your room reservation as soon as you have purchased your CPD tickets as the Mantra resort can sell out even in off peak periods due to the many events it hosts.


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The Education:

How to thrive, not just survive. The case for health professional self- care and wellness (40 Cat 1 Points RACGP).

caroline 1 downloadDr Caroline West: General Practitioner,

Past President Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association

Program Outline

Awareness: Understanding what makes you tick. Exploring why you are a health professional. Understanding stress, burnout and your response to it.

Lifestyle factors including exercise, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness meditation and relationships that form the framework of self care.

Management and organisational tools that help you create a more balanced professional and personal life.

Addressing issues around Health Professional Wellbeing has never been more timely. A 2013 Beyond Blue survey of 14,000 Australian doctors and medical students has shown they suffer with greater levels of psychological distress, burnout and even suicidal thoughts than the general population.

In theory doctors and health professionals should be amongst the healthiest people on the planet. After all they have access to the latest medical information and wisdom and are experts at providing health advice to others .While it is true that many health professionals have better than average physical health ( with lower smoking rates for example) they do not always fare so well on the mental healthfront. Many report high levels of stress, burnout and emotional difficulties. This not only affects their own quality of life, but it also has a profound knock on effect in terms of their personal and professional lives.

High stress levels may result in strained personal relationships , marriage breakdowns, substance and alcohol abuse, and mental health problems including anxiety, depression and suicide. A highly stressed doctor or health professional is more likely to struggle with managing their patients optimally and creating healthy boundaries between work and home life. Once stress reaches a tipping point and becomes chronic, burnout can lead to detachment, lack of engagement,exhaustion and medical errors.

Work stress if not managed can also lead to disillusionment and an early exit from medicine. Some studies have found that around 50% of GP’s have considered leaving general practice due to stress.

* Doctors report substantially higher rates of psychological distress and attempted suicide compared to the Australian population and other Australian professionals. (Beyond Blue 2013 )

* Approximately one in 5 medical students and one in 10 Australian doctors reported thoughts of suicide in the previous 12 months ( Beyond Blue 2013)

* 25% of doctors who responded to the Beyond Blue 2013 survey were highly likely to have a disorder like mild depression or mild anxiety.

* Younger doctors and female doctors appeared to have higher levels of general and specific mental health problems and reported greater work stress ( Beyond Blue 2013 ) Around 50% of Australian doctors do not have a GP.

* Female Doctors have double the suicide risk of other women in Australia.

* Around 50% of Australian Doctors do not have a GP.



A wellness program for you, the health professional.

The Wellbeing and Self-Care program with Dr Caroline West encourages health professionals to put themselves first for a change. In a way it is following the mantra of “practice what you preach” . Just as we value wellness and prevention for others, it is timely that we also value it for ourselves. Wellness of course is not just about the absence of illness. It aims to optimise your health. Lifestyle self -care anchors of nutrition, sleep, exercise and relationships are central. The role of our modern “inflammatory” lifestyle is explored. Time management and organisational skills are explored. Specific stress management tools including Mindfulness meditation are also included in interactive sessions.


Designed specifically for doctors and allied health professionals, the workshops aim to provide practical strategies for stress management and self-care. Participants will be encouraged to develop an understanding and awareness of their own individual wellness needs. Healthy lifestyle habits are encouraged and little steps are all it takes to get started. Practical skills in mindfulness medication are also incorporated to enhance stress management.Workshops are delivered in an interactive and supportive environment to up skill with other professionals.


Activities: include a daily lecture and activities on looking after yourself.  In addition to the Boarder to Bay Walk there are opportunities for chiropractic and nutritional support, massage, yoga and meditation for even more attention to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  (There will be readings, formal lecturers and questions for reflection or discussion while on the walk – plus assessments-  for RACGP 40 cat 1 points)

The Adventure: Led by Garry Egger and John Stevens walking from the border of NSW- the Southern Rock Wall of the Tweed River ocean bar- to Byron Bay Lighthouse – over 3 stages.  Approximately 22kms per stage for a total 65kms of walking. Is there a better coast line in the world?


Audience:  Medical Practitioners, Nurses and Allied Health clinicians and their companions

Numbers:  Max 20 clinicians for CPD (partners- are welcome for walk and social events)

Requirements. The physical ability to walk 20 + kms in a day (mostly on sand). The mental agility to relax while walking the best coast line in the world. The reflexivity to allow yourself to care for yourself so you can care better for others.

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The cost: $1450 (for clinicians – $1250 for early bird enrolments) $350 – for companions participating in the Muster dinner and walk


The Muster dinner on Thursday night

All walks and walk transfers to departure and arrival points

Self Care CPD and (RACGP accredited for 40 points)

Lunch and trail food packs

This does not include travel, the accommodation or other meals or catering

Participants will be given a group discount when booking accommodation at the Mantra and all breakfasts are included.  Approx $150-200 per night.

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Eduventure Program: 

Day 1 Thursday (12th May)

Muster at Mantra – book in to your rooms from 1400hrs

  1. Gather for Briefing 1700hrs
  2. Formal dinner at Seasons restaurant and orientation (prepaid as part of registration)

Day 2 Friday(13th May)

  1. Breakfast and the day’s agenda 0700- 0800
  2. 08:00-10:00 Module 1 with Dr Caroline West

“What makes us Tick “ 2 hour workshop 

Interactive discussion on clarifying our purpose, value.

Q and A on what our support structures are and how they can be improved.

  1. Beach Walk from wall to Hastings point (23kms)
  2. Bus (approx.1400-1500 hrs) from Hasting point to Mantra
  3. Relax – swim, bath, yoga, meditation, other
  4. Option for more education 1800-1845
  5. Look after your own dinner this night but options are available to join up for those who want to


Day 3 Saturday. (14th May)

  1. Breakfast lecture and agenda for the day 0700-0800
  2. Module 2 presented by Dr Caroline West 0800-10:00

“ Module 2: How to not just survive but thrive. Wellness workshop for health professionals. What your pushes your button ? 2 hour workshop

“You can’t pour from an empty cup” is pretty spot on. If you don’t nurture yourself you will not be able to nurture others.

Discussion on just prevalent the problem of burnout is for health professionals. Interactive discussion what causes the most stress for delegates of this event.

  1. Bus to Hastings Point 10:00
  2. Walk Hastings Point to North Brunswick River Wall Approx. 22kms
  3. Bus from Brunswick Heads to Mantra (approx. 1500-1600hrs)
  4. Relax – spa, massage, sleep etc
  5. Drinks at Salt Bar 1900- informal dinner for those interested (pay for self)

Day 4. Sunday (15th May)

  1. Breakfast lecture and the day’s agenda 0700-0800
  2. Module 3 with Dr Caroline West 0800-10:00 2 hour workshop

“ The things no one ever taught you at medical school: Management skills “

The importance of time management and proactive planning. Group workshop and discussion about understanding the barriers to good time management and input from the group about solutions to overcome these.

  1. Bus to South wall Brunswick Heads 10:00 – walk to Byron Lighthouse (21kms)
  2. Yeah team!
  3. Bus to  Mantra (approx. 1500hrs)



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1. AMSN reserves the right to alter these activities as needed for safety reasons.

2. AMSN reserves the right to cancel this event by 5th October if numbers are insufficient – a full refund will be made to registered participants – not including losses on travel and accommodation

Here is a video of our previous Border to Bay EduVenture


Here is a video of our previous EduVenture: Angourie to Redrock


Frans Bosch: Dynamic Systems Rehabilitation

  • December 6, 2016
    18:00 – 21:00


Frans Bosch is the author of perhaps the most significant recent publication in the field of physical preparation for sports (Strength Training & Coordination – An Integrative Approach). Whilst being critical of some historic practises in athletic development and rehabilitation, he offers a way forward in understanding transfer of training through the better integration of motor learning principles. Bosch’s unique methods transcend the boundaries of the health professions in sport, and his results in performance and injury prevention speak for themselves.

This seminar will provide theory and practical knowledge for rehabilitating acute sporting injuries. It is appropriate for any level of injury professional or those interested in physical preparation of athletes.

Seminar Topics Include:

  • Dynamic (non-linear) Systems vs. Linear mechanical progression from low to high intensity movement for rehabilitation/stability
  • Introduction to the ‘Single Stressor Strategy’ for rehab progressions
  • Phases/ Progressions of self-organization of injury rehabilitation – challenging the norm
  • Injury protocol examples/case scenarios
  • Practical demonstrations – Motor Learning Theory based exercise prescription

About Frans Bosch


Frans Bosch (1954) earned a degree in PE in 1977. Since 1980 Bosch worked in athletics, coaching elite sprinters and Olympic high jumpers and for some years as the national coach for jumping events.

Since 2005 Bosch is lecturer at the Fontys University for applied sciences in sports, mainly in the field of anatomy, biomechanics, strength training and motor learning.

Bosch has given numerous presentations all over the world on training related topics. Presentations address the complexity of the training process and the need to integrate new fields of science like dynamic systems and new ideas on motor control in existing training theory.

Bosch frequently works internationally as a consultant in sport. Clients in recent years are the English Institute of Sports, Wales National Team Rugby, the British & Irish Lions, Japan National Team Rugby, England cricket, West ham United football, Cleveland Brown American Football and others.

Together with Ronald Klomp he wrote ‘Running, biomechanics and exercise physiology applied in practice”, published in the Netherlands in 2001 and translated in English in 2005.

‘Strength training and coordination, an integrated approach’ was published in English in 2015. It has created enormous interest in the industry and is truly a revolutionary work.

Links & references

The Book

‘Strength training and coordination, an integrated approach’

Discussion / reviews of the book

Recent Publication

Influence of Muscle Slack on High-Intensity Sport Performance

(Van Hooren & Bosch, 2016)

Seminar Details & Information

Date Tuesday, 6th December, 2016

Seminar Time 6pm-9pm

Venue TAG Foundation Grandstand Building

Sydney University

B23 Regimental Drive

Camperdown, NSW 2050

Registration closure 3rd December, 2016

Cost (inc tax):

$99 (for the first 40 tickets sold before 18 November)

$199 (after 40 tickets have sold or the 18 November which ever comes first) 

Managing and understanding disc pathologies workshop

  • Managing and understanding disc
    April 16, 2016
    13:00 – 17:00

Would you like to advance your understanding and management skills of disc lesions while earning your CPD hours?

In colloboration with the Australian association of musculoskeletal medicine

AAMM logo 2013

Proudly Supported by the North Coast Allied Health Association



This AMSN workshop is suitable for both medical and allied health professionals and will give more skills and confidence to manage disc pathologies correctly and well as give you some new insights as to where future imaging technologies are heading.

Dr Geoff Harding

Dr Geoff Harding is one of Australia’s leading Musculo-Skeletal medical practitioners. Geoff is a noted innovator, educator, researcher and a respected clinician.Geoff is delivering a multi-professional focussed workshop for Musculo Skeletal clinicians who want know and/or review their management of patients with disc lesions and related morbidity.
About Dr Geoff Harding
Life Member of the Australian Association of Musculoskeletal Medicineand Treasurer of the Australian chapter of the Australasian Faculty of Musculoskeletal Medicine.


• Full-Time Musculoskeletal Medicine at Sandgate Spinal Medicine Clinic (Sandgate, Brisbane).


• Fellowship of the Australasian Faculty of Musculoskeletal Medicine


• Fellow of the Australian College of Physical Medicine.• Australian Academic Coordinator of the University of Otago Post-graduate Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine and Masters in Pain Management


Workshop Outline

  • The case for discs as the site of dysfunction and pain
  • Somatic ( and somatic referred) pain
  • Pain referral patterns
  • Differing Disc-related syndromes
  • Radicular vs non-radicular disc pain
  • types of internal disc disruptions and their outcome
  •  Use of Stand up MRI
  • High intesity zone and modic changes within the disc
  • Histological changes of the disc with age
  • Parodox of disc generation ( decreasing as degeneration increases)
  • Overview of some management options that MSK Gp’s utilise



Optional after event dinner and networking event



For those thirsty folk the AMSN will be heading to the Byron Bay Brewery for some after workshop ales and perhaps a light meal from about 7pm. Bookings not essential for this one. If its your first trip you can order a tasting platter of all the fresh brew made on site and the food prices are very reasonable.


The Byron Bay brewery is about a 10 minute easy walk from the venue if your planning on staying in town.

The Byron Bay Brewery Bar / Restaurant is the home of Byron Bay Pale Lager and one of Byron’s most interesting attractions.

The Brewery is an idyllic place for a drink and once the sun sets, is the home of great music and good times.