Connecting Practice will focus on a multidisciplinary approach to Musculo-skeletal problems. Hosted right on the beach in Byron Bay we aim to build a better bridge between the research community and practitioners. It’s also a great chance for practitioners of Northern Rivers to get together and connect.

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The aim of this seminar is provide an opportunity for professionals to connect in an interprofessional learning environment. This seminar, Connecting Practice, will show how collaboration between professions improves practice, client outcomes and your business .

You will connect and/or re-connect with: new knowledge about the health state your current future clientele; the use of evidence and research in practice; specialist skills- reading radiography (X-ray and MRI) in lower back and hip; and with other musculo-skeletal focused professionals and the services they offer.

Presenters include

Professor Susan Nancarrow (Podiatrist and Professor of Allied Health). Director of Research, the School of Health and Human Sciences Southern Cross University (SCU) . The Science of Connecting Practice

Professor Garry Egger, (Exercise Scientist, Prof of Lifestyle Medicine SCU, Founder Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association – Population health trends, obesity, diabetes and chronic disease and Lifestyle Medicine

Dr Chris Oliver PhD Research Scientist Blackmore’s Institute, Founder the Australian Sarcopaenia Association – Muscle is the new fat! Studies in Sarcopaenia

Dr Henry Pollard (Sports Chiropractor) Adjunct Professor Centre for Integrative Medicine

School of Medicine, Sydney- Evidence in Musculo-Skeletal practice

Paul Orrock (Osteopath)

Mr Luke Shultz (Physiotherapy)

Nellie Buckley (Exercise Physiologist)


North Coast radiology – radiography reading refresher -Xray and MRI in lower back and hips.